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About Hoffman Bankrupty attorneys (Jacksonville)

Hoffman Attornies have been practising law for over 28 years in Jacksonville and across Florida.

We have dedicated our legal careers to legal assisting debtors in Jacksonville discharge debt and start to rebuild their lives free from the overwhelming stress and anxiety of overwhelming bills.

Time and again, our clients talked about how they had sleepless nights, feeling as though they were drowning in debt. We have offices in multiple locations across Jacksonville,  as well as Orange Park, St Augustine, Deland and Lake City. We are happy to meet you at the office that’s most convenient for you. 

If you are in the process of filing for Bankruptcy protection in Jacksonville, or you weighing up if it’s the right course for you, give us a call. We’ll talk you through your options so you take back control of your life. The legal consultation is free.

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“I just want to thank both Nancy and Tony Turner for the excellent service they provided while walking me through the entire process of my bankruptcy proceeding in Jacksonville”

“They were very knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. They really made the whole process smooth from beginning to end. I would highly recommend Tony Turner to anyone considering filing for bankruptcy!”

Expert advice and support from top bankruptcy attorneys (Jacksonville)

The bankruptcy law was put in place to help the average American who is honest and hardworking, but has been unfortunate and find themselves in debt. At Hoffman, as some of the most experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Jacksonville we know how difficult a decision it is to decide to file for bankruptcy.

Once the decision is taken and right form of bankruptcy is chosen, the good news is debtors must stop calling and hassling you. If you’re being sued or facing any legal complaint, it has to stop, including foreclosures, wages being garnished or any repossessions.

Please, if you are in debt, get in touch. Often filing for bankruptcy offers you protection against losing assets. Everything from a car to your home, even household furnishings. Even your 401k plans and tax refunds. 

In the main, there are 2 types of bankruptcy you can file for, Chapter’s 7 and 13. We can talk you through the options so you can decide which will be the best fit for your needs, we’ll also explain the options and benefits of filing as a husband and wife jointly or independently and the processes needed to be able to file for each option. 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy explained

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common form of bankruptcy, it’s also the most straight forward. 

In simple terms, you decide to give up any assets you have, unless they are exempt (we’ll go through that in more detail). A court appointed trustee will sell these assets and the money raised will be distributed amongst your creditors. You don’t have to worry about who gets what, the courts take care of everything.

In many cases, the court trustee will close the case without selling anything and you’re free from any personal obligation to repay your debts. 

For bankruptcy in Jacksonville, there is a means test that helps determine who is eligible for filing a chapter 7. The means tested is meant to help creditors be protected against people on high income who acquire masses amount of consumer debts. However, in most cases, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can figure out a way for most clients to be able to file a chapter 7. 

The basics of filing a Chapter 7

We start by helping you file a petition to the course, which includes schedules and a statement of financial affairs. Basically, we’re explaining to the court what assets you currently have and your recent and present financial history. 

Getting this right makes filing for a Chapter 7, quick and easy. It’s why using a well established and experience Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer who understands how the local courts like to receive the petition essential. 

I can’t stipulate how important it is to do this right. You need every creditor, every asset and every exemption listed in the right format. These schedules fall under penalty of perjury which means you can get into legal trouble if they are not completed and filed properly. 

Once we have the petition ready, we file it with the local bankruptcy clerk, the court appoints a trustee and you’ll get a copy of the notice that your creditors to sent that tells them they are to stop chasing repayment.

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy explained

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for clients who don’t want to give up all their assets, they just need to get a handle of the current debts and want help with this.

Essentially, it is asking the court for a repayment plan for assets that you want to stay in control of. It’s another form of a fresh start, it often allows you to make continuous repayments, for example a mortgage, and takes the arrears and spreads them out over an extended period of time, so they become manageable. 

A Chapter 13 works well when :

– you have debts that you can’t discharge with a Chapter 7 (including  taxes, child support, and tax penalties)
– you have more debt on the assets you have securing the debts. 
– you are in danger of losing you car or home

We help you put together a repayment plan that explains what you’ll pay back, and to whom. As you can imagine, there are plenty of options available, for example, the plan does not need to cover the whole debt be a proportion of the debt, if you are eligable. We can walk you through the process and help you put together the best possible plan for your circumstances. 

There are plenty advantages, but one of the most significant is that once a repayment plan is agreed, you are tied to it. If your personal circumstances change and you want to void the payment plan and payback more, or you need to submit another plan, you have the flexibility to do that. 

Bankruptcy lawyers in and around Jacksonville

We’ve been helping clients in Jacksonville and surrounding counties for over 28 years and counting.

Having local knowledge of Jacksonville is important. Each court has slight differences in how they operate and knowing the key players and the processes can make a major difference.

We’ve been working in these courts and have successfully helped thousands of Jacksonville clients petition courts and get back control of their lives.