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At Hoffman, we know how difficult it can be to talk to someone you don’t know about the financial problems you have. No one likes to admit they are struggling to manage their debt. But we know that if you discuss it with us, we will be able to help you solve it. We can help you get to grips with your problem, that might be keeping you awake at night, and take back control of your life again. Just by exercising your legal rights.

We understand your problems, we help clients every day experiencing the same set of problems. We are compassionate and professional, but most of all, we can help.

We’ve been practising law in Jacksonville, and the state of Florida for over 27 years. We’ve filed 1000’s of bankruptcy petitions, helped clients refinance their debts and supported 100’s of local businesses as they go through difficult times.

We make our prices as affordable as possible, and we work with financial partners to be able to offer repayment plans because we understand that our clients need a hand up.

About Tony Turner

The practice is run by Tony Turner, an award winning attorney (voted Top 3 Attorneys in Jacksonville in 2018).

Originally from South Carolina, Tony has made Florida is home. An passionate outdoors man, Tony loves spending time with his son fishing. His daughter is a professional dancer with a troupe in Miami.

At Hoffman, we follow Tony’s lead. We’re a big believer in the personal touch. We understand just how difficult a time it is, and we try to make it as painless as possible. We have a number of offices around Jacksonville and the surrounding states and we are happy to meet you at the office that’s most convenient to you, and we can arrange to meet during the evenings and weekends if necessary.

Most importantly, we know bankruptcy law in Jacksonville. We understand how the system works, what the courts like to see, how they want the documentation presented. All the little, but essential components, that will help you get the most from your Chapter 7 or 13. We always start off with a free legal consultation to better understand your situation and to offer legal advice on what your next steps are, regardless of if you decide to file or indeed file with Hoffman.

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